I paint on 1/8 inch hardboard and secure it to a cradled ebony-stained oak panel (frame), using four brushed-metal standoffs. The painting floats 1/2 inch above the frame, giving the artwork a unique, three-dimensional look.

I personally hand-craft each oak panel, and frame each of my paintings. This quality-focused, "hands on" approach enhances the unique characteristics of each piece of art and creates a complementary presentation. My intention is for the frame to be an integral part of the artwork!

A cradled, or "boxed" painting, consists of a 1/8 inch wood panel that is glued to a wooden frame. This construction makes the cradled panel light-weight and

structurally stable.

The frame (when viewed from the side) is about 2" deep. This gives the artwork a notable presence and makes the whole piece visually pleasing.